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Accelerated TPH Removal.Guaranteed.

About Us

Since 1990 we have manufactured special blends of naturally occurring microbes to degrade specific contaminants in soil and water. To our knowledge we have never had a failure. Our products have sold in 48 states and 15 foreign countries. The reason for our success is the high plate counts of our products and the efficacy of our nutrient which accompanies every order. To say the least, we are highly experienced in all phases of the clean-up process. Further, our products have an unlimited shelf life. Just keep from freezing!


  • Naturally occurring blends of microbes for your specific site.
  • Nutrient which accompanies every order. Simply the best there is.
  • Oxidizer if required. Ours dissipates in 24 hours so it doesn’t kill the microbes nor render the soil toxic.


Microscopic plate counts on samples you send to us. Results in 24 hours.


This 30 day test takes the uncertainty out of your decision whether biotreatment is appropriate for your site. On samples you provide from your site, we treat with several blends of microbes, each for 30 days, monitor and record plate counts daily, and return the treated samples to you so you can send to your own lab to wee which blend works the best. You can send those results to your client and even to your regulatory agency to aid in your approval.

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